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Holistic Medicine is becoming a household buzz word. What IS holistic medicine? 

Holistic medicine

Holistic Medicine is the art and science of healing that addresses the whole person – body, mind, and spirit. The practice of holistic medicine integrates conventional and alternative therapies to prevent and treat disease, and most importantly, to promote optimal health. One of these modalities is acupuncture, which I tend to know the most about because I am a licensed acupuncturist. I am also a nurse, with thirty years experience. I like to think that with my background and all that I learned from my graduate studies on acupuncture, that I have some insights that may be helpful for you too. This page is all about giving information to you about holistic medicine and tips on how to achieve your happiest, healthiest self in Body, Mind and Spirit. 

Holistic Medicine versus Western Medicine:

To be fair, I would like to explain the difference between Holistic (aka Homeopathic) Medicine and Western (aka Allopathic) Medicine. The term ‘allopathic medicine’ is mainly used by homeopaths and proponents of other forms of “alternative” medicine. [See my article about the alternative versus complimentary & integrative].This refers to mainstream medical use of pharmacology (drugs, pills, prescriptions) or physical interventions (surgery, physical therapy) to treat or suppress symptoms or pathophysiologic processes of diseases or conditions. It basically mean putting a bandaid on it. 

Holistic medicine has actually been around for thousands of years. It is healing the Body, Mind and Spirit using modalities other than those of Allopathic medicine. Holistic medicine treats the ‘root’ rather than the ‘branch’ or symptom. For a while, western practitioners were calling homeopathic medicine ‘alternative’ medicine. Then after a few years, the name changed to complimentary medicine. Rather than replacing one for the other, this was an effort to be more inclusive. The most recent terminology is integrative medicine. Most especially, this implies that everyone is working together for the common good of the patient. 

Feel free to delve into some of the modalities that are considered Holistic, Homeopathic and Integrative below: 

In addition, other modalities that are becoming more common are in the photo below: 

Holistic medicine

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