Best wines from Artisan vineyards delivered to your door

The Best Wines come from Artisan Vineyards around the world and are now available at your doorstep. Entertaining requires good taste in food, wine and music. How would you like to be the hostess with the fabulous taste in wine? You can be that hostess with Direct Cellars. It is a fun easy way to make friends, and enjoy the best wines from around the globe. Experienced sommeliers will hand select the wine for you. Then Direct Cellars will deliver them to your house. No more having to go to the liquor store and trying to decide which wines to buy. You will receive amazing wines at reduced prices that you cannot get at your local stores.

We’re here to help you and simplify your life. 

Best wines

Whether you are a red or white wine drinker, you will have amazing wines selected and shipped right to your door. Every month a special package will arrive for you to enjoy. It’s like Christmas for wine lovers! I know that I personally cannot wait for the next shipment to arrive. It is fun to read the descriptions about the different wines and then pair them with foods to really bring out the best flavors. For me, it is so enjoyable to be able to reach for a bottle of wine that I know will be spectacular every time. It takes the mystery out of figuring out which wine is good from a random liquor store. I save time and energy because they are shipped directly to me.

best wines

You will be satisfied with the Best Wines sent from Direct Cellars 

One question people like to ask is: what if I don’t care for a particular wine that is sent to me? Well, that has not happened to me yet, however if that is the case, you can call and Direct Cellars will ship you a different one in its place.

Every winery has their unique twist on what they produce. No two wines are alike, even from the same vineyard. It is fun and exciting to experience wine from all over the world and to try different varieties. When I find one that I really like, I can order a whole case at a very reduced price. My favorites are a nice, smooth Cabernet with a velvety finish in front of the fire, or a crisp, dry and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc on a warm night or to compliment my favorite fish recipe. Go HERE to experience some of my favorite recipes. Yours to enjoy for FREE! 
Best Wines


Direct Cellars will simplify your life and make it more enjoyable. Therefore, I invite you to begin your new wine experience today.

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Free fine wine– let me show you how to get it! 

Free wine can be yours very quickly. Join our monthly wine group, get a few Best winesfriends to join and BOOM, your wine is FREE! It is so easy and fun to share good wine with the people you love. 


Reveratrol– what is in red wine?

Best winesResveratrol health benefits are plentiful. It is found in the skins of red wine grapes. Studies have shown that not only is it good for your heart, it has many other important perks for your body. there have now been more than 4,400 studies on the benefits of resveratrol to date, showing that it helps to protect your entire body. Go here for more information. 

Wine Memes Galore!

They are super funny and everyone is posting them! Here are several for you to look through, share and smile about! We will be adding new ones all the time, so be sure to come back often to see new ones! Best winesBe sure to register on the right to stay updated on new stuff. 

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