Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet

Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet is coming out in mid-January. Called the Ominex,  it is considered the best and the safest yet. Why do you need a wallet? With the fast pace of the blockchain technologies comes both a risk and a reward.  With everything good there is always the bad.  To protect the consumers from this, regulations are taking place across the globe.  And note that OMINEX is the leader in making this happen.  They are the ones to watch.

Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet

Your wallet receives your earnings on the Blockchain network. From there, you can use it to pay for services that accept Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrency as a medium of payment. The wallet will also help you generate an address when you need to connect to Bitcoins Blockchain network. Then, use your wallet to trade Bitcoin in for other currency or to make a purchase online.

Understanding Bitcoin basics:

Bitcoin is the world’s first form of decentralized money.

  • It is a store of value that is censorship-resistant, and      Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet
  • Is immutable against manipulation by central entities, authorities and governments.  With no one entity, person or control point with unequal “authority”.  Consensus verified, and without anyone controlling it.

Because of the decentralized structure and peer-to-peer protocol of Bitcoin; the Bitcoin network is able to operate as its own economy, without intermediaries or third party service providers.

Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet– set it up to manage your mining

Cryptocurrency [Bitcoin] Mining: 

While you can go “all-in” and become a Cryptocurrency Miner, or you can earn free bitcoin just for signing up. Learn about mining for BTC, ETH, or any of the various Cryptocurrencies.  Or you can literally follow the easiest system to date, by joining in our Universal Cryptocurrency WalletMining Community. Turn your non-used computer time and resources on your personal computers into Micro-Mining machines, allowing you to earn BTC (Bitcoin).  Start earning Cryptocurrency Here:



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