New Year. New Possibilities

New Year. New Possibilities. Happy New Year! It is 2018 and what a year it is going to be! I love this time of year because it is a great time to let go of stuff you have accumulated during the past year. It is a good time to lighten your load and put the past behind you. A new year is the time for new beginnings and possibilities.

New Year. New Possibilities


January is always a nice time to sit back and reflect on what you would like to be different this year. How do you want your new year to look? Set some new goals for yourself. Perhaps you’d like to exercise a little more this year. I know that is one of my resolutions. I was so busy in 2017, that I always made excuses for myself. I’ll go for a walk after… and then it never happened. A day went by. Then a month and I looked back and thought to myself how I never did go for ‘that walk’. It is easy to allow ourselves to stay too busy for our own good. I am guilty of that myself.

New Year. New Possibilities

The winter time is about being in the ‘unknowing’ and allowing ourselves to spend time resting and thinking so that when Spring arrives, we will have the energy to burst forth and do the things we have been pondering during the cold of winter. 

New Year. New Possibilities.

Lets make 2018 a healthier, happier year. How can we do that? We still only have the same amount of hours in every day. How can we better use those hours? I know for me, I am craving a better balance in my life. Do I work hard? You bet I do! In fact, sometimes I think I work too hard. It is important for us to find a balance with work and rest and fun! What are you doing that brings you joy? It is interesting how often I ask that to my patients. So many cannot think of anything good that happened that week. And when I ask what brings them joy? I sadly often hear ‘nothing’. Take a moment and look inside:

  • What brings YOU joy?                                      New Year. New Possibilities
  • Think about what is flourishing in your life?
  • Name one thing you can do today to feel uplifted?

New Year. New Possibilities–Choosing our mood for the day

Every morning is a new day, a fresh start. We all have free will and get to choose our mood for the day. What are you going to choose? Often I choose Peace or Ease and lately Joy. I have a reminder set on my phone so that every morning that is the first thing I see. Set my mood for the day. It sounds like a little thing, and it can change your life. Try it for a week and see what happens when you set your mood for the day. You get to choose how you respond to your commute to work, your co-workers, an irritating boss, or traffic. Furthermore, attitude is everything and once you begin to choose your mood, you will see how it uplifts you and makes you feel more in control.

      New Year. New Possibilities

Go on, get out there and be happy! 

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New Year. New Possibilities


Remember it is a new year with new possibilities just waiting for your choosing!

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